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Welcome to JVC where we offer a range of affordable and flexible short-term Insurance solutions, professional financial planning services and investment advice.

We work with only the most reputable insurance companies and we pride ourselves on knowing each one of our clients personally. We offer very competitive rates and exceptional service. JVC is an Authorised Financial Services Provider.

Cover for loss or damage to household goods and personal possessions caused by fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, storms, bursting of geysers.

Cover for business against theft, fire, liability, damage of property, injury, commercial and private vehicles, unforeseen interruption of business.

Cover for property including tools and building materials and third party injury or damage claims.

Marine covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred final destination.

PAR insurance covers loss and damage to insured Plant and/ or Equipment on an “All Risks” basis whilst it is in use on site, in transit or in storage.

We can structure an insurance solution for a mining exploration company.

We provide comprehensive specialised cover for your heavy commercial fleet as well as your goods in transit. We also provide cover for liability.

We understand the challenges, and risks that go along with protecting your crops and assets. We cover risks such as heavy rain, hail and drought.

Cover for a wide range of life changing events to protect you and your family.

Retirement investment solutions as well as short and long-term investment solutions for both businesses and individuals.

Covering you and your family against unforeseen medical and hospital expenses.

Assisting businesses in taking care of their employee’s retirement, death and disability needs.

This cover is a necessity when travelling either locally or internationally. Click here for a comprehensive quote that matches your travel needs.

With the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge combined, we offer only the best insurance and financial product solutions.

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