by Jason

Dear Valued Client and Business Partners,

Since this unprecedented change to all our working and personal lives, we would like to outline what plans we as JVC Insurance Brokers are implementing in order to continue to service you effectively and efficiently during this period of major disruption and uncertainty.

With this crisis constantly changing, we assure you that we will remain focused and determined in continually adapting our processes and procedures internally, for us to provide the best possible service to you.

The below highlights some of the measures we have taken to tackle this pandemic:

The Covid-19 pandemic and JVC staff health and safety:

Like the actions that many organisations are taking, JVC has already implemented or is in the process of implementing the following with all our staff:

  • Minimise all face-to-face meetings with all external parties, including business partners, clients and potential customers, and conducting such meetings via tele-conference and other video conferencing options.
  • Minimise all local travel within the country, all business international travel is on full lock down.
  • Optimising work-from-home and rotational shift schedules for our staff, thus limiting the extent of exposure to our team by encountering each other and in doing so presenting an increased risk to the wider community.
  • In addition, we are stringently following all the other safety measures which are being adopted by global companies i.e. increased office hygiene practices, self-quarantine protocols for any suspected cases, non-attendance and cancellation of any large gatherings, etc.

Keeping our service promise:

  • Our critical front-line client service staff are already equipped with laptop computers as well as the required internet connectivity to continue with their work away from the office (in this case from home)
  • All our front-line client service staff members are contactable on their cell phones and their cell numbers are available below.
  • We can anticipate some level of deterioration in connection speeds due to the potential surge of many South Africans using their private data networks and such networks not being able to manage the bandwidth requirements. Rest assured we will strive to maintain a consistently high level of service.
  • All business units utilise WhatsApp groups to ensure rapid communications amongst themselves and to escalate issues amongst the team in order to sustain business continuity.
  • Our systems and administrative processes are all cloud based and we will be more than capable to assist and service you, should a full office or nationwide lock down be put in place by government and regulatory bodies.
  • All underwriters and business partners that we partner with have also implemented their own crisis management systems and protocols in a similar nature to us and we can assure you that it will be business as usual.

Key personnel contact details

Herewith the CELL-PHONE and EMAIL ADDRESS details of the following key executives, should you for any reason need to escalate an urgent matter that is not being adequately addressed:

Executive Member Cell Phone Number Email Address
Johan Erasmus 082 410 6153
Volker Grunewald 082 410 6152
Jason Mizen 073 383 1142
Ronel Prinsloo 076 421 7728

Please visit the contact page on our website for a comprehensive list of all key staff in the underwriting and claims areas.

We look forward to emerging from this crisis stronger and more resilient than before. We believe that this event creates an opportunity for us all to work in support of each other and build even stronger relationship bonds for the future.

We wish you strength and good health in this time of trouble.

JVC Insurance Brokers

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